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Robust Tidal Energy Technology

What do we offer!

Mission & Vision

Our Mission: We wish to make tidal and rivers an economically attractive green energy source.

Our Vision: Using our robust and cost-effective technology, we wish to become a global solution provider for green and environmentally friendly energy production.

'Blue' Energy Harvesting

The AquaScrew enables harvesting Green (‘Blue’) Energy from natural Tidal phenomena in an economically highly attractive way.

Attractive Return on Investment

The AquaScrew is an econonically highly viable, robust, easily maintainable, and sustainable Tidal Energy solution, with a low TCO and attractive RoI.

Short Payback Time

Tidal Energy Technologies payback times are usually between 10 and 15 years. With the AquaScrew, we target payback times below 10 years, subject to their location characteristics. In addition, with the AqauScrew we envisage a long life expectancy (+30 years shouldn’t be an exception), implying an attractive RoI.

Environmentally friendly

Fish-friendly technology due to the AquaScrew’s unique rotor design. Marginal or no visual impact during operation as the turbine is below water surface.

Applicability and Flexibility

The AquaScrew can be installed in rivers, in oceans (shore/off-shore), at harbours, near bridges/sluices, etc. Implementations can vary from 5kW up-to multiple mW.

Economics of Scale

One or multiple AquaScrew devices can be installed at a location using an array/farm approach. This will result in an even shorter payback time.

Technology Features

We have created an awesome, revolutionary simple, as well as evolutionary product 'the AquaScrew', that provides the ability to harvest green ('bleu') energy from Tidal natural phenomena.

A quaScrew is a company that develops a new innovative technology which generates green electricity from the kinetic flow of water or tidal streams. The business objectives are the development, promotion and production of low-cost hydropower or tidal turbines with a capacity between 1 and 500 kW per unit.

The new technology offers a design that meets the most stringent ecological restrictions. Moreover, the key advantage of the progressive screw shape is that a low-cost and robust technology can be developed and offered to the market.

AS Burcht

AS Prototype

The technology is a turbine that generates electricity from the kinetic flow of the water. The screw can be manufactured from different materials depending on the simplicity of production, production costs, weigh and sustainability. The unique design creates unique advantages:

  • Produce energy without the need for civil structures like dams, barrages or penstocks.
  • No or limited visual impact during operation as the turbine is below water surface.
  • Generate electricity from moving water without the production of greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Robust and fish-friendly technology due to unique rotor design.
  • Grid connected or standalone operation.

T he advantage of this system is that the srew can be developed in a variety of diameters. Therefore, the system can be applied at locations where the depth of (tidal) rivers is limited (lower diameter range). On other hand, the screw can also be fabricated for e.g. offshore tidal applications where bigger diameters are advantageous. Up to diameters of 10 m, the AquaScrew will always be more cost-effective due to its simple shape when compared to competitors.

Next to that, the screw has the key advantage to be very robust. Therefore the turbine is less susceptible for sediment, debris or floating objects which makes it suitable for more eratic rivers or off shore tidal applications.

Your benefits

In sumAS Graphmary, acquiring the AquaScrew delivers you the following opportunities:

  • Produce energy without the need for civil structures like dams, barrages or penstocks.
  • No or limited visual impact during operation as the turbine is below water surface.
  • Generate electricity from moving water without the production of greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Robust and fish-friendly technology due to unique rotor design.
  • Grid connected or standalone operation.


Your business case

High water velocities raise benefits exponentially (figure). Average water velocities starting from 1.5 m/s throughout the year are considered to be interesting. You can encounter these high velocities at following locations:

  • Rivers and tidal streams off-shore or near-shore.
  • Irrigation channels or outflows of sluices, cooling water, sewage plants, etc.

Next to that, bigger diameters improve the power production (figure).

  • Diameters up to 10 m can be produced.
  • Farms or array configurations compensate sites where water depth is limited.

Smart integrations and synergies lower your capital expenditures:

  • Floating structures (existing pilot of 30 kW in picture).
  • Attachment on the pillars of off-shore wind parks.
  • Connection to the pillars of bridges.
  • Design on a pole with foundation.
  • The unique Aquascrew design lowers the upfront investment.

Interested in how YOUR BUSINESS CASE looks like? Feel free to get in touch.

T he continuing economical development combined with an increasing world population leads to an unprecedented energy demand. Today, more than 85% of the global energy needs is met by fossil fuels. However, the environmental impact and the increase of the oil prices as a result of depleting reserves are urgently requesting competitive alternative energy resources.

imagesUndertaking these problems has not only resulted in the development and implementation of energy saving and efficiency increase measures, but also in a rapid growth and diversification of renewable energy solutions. Those renewable energy technologies, such as tidal and hydropower applications, offer the promise of non-polluting alternatives to reduce emissions caused by fossil or nuclear resources. In this context, tidal and hydro power energy accounts for only 6% in the world’s energy demand, hereby only occupying a small amount of the worldwide potential for tidal and hydro power production.

Up till now, only high power output hydropower potentials have been exploited, hereby overlooking the low-impact and more environmental-friendly small hydropower and tidal energy potentials. However, nowadays the world wide focus is shifting towards those small hydropower plants. The herein described AquaScrew technology offers a promising technology for running streams such as rivers, tidal streams, effluents, etc.

The biggest advantage of these forms of energy is that essentially no carbon dioxide or other harmful emissions are produced once the power plant is in operation. Moreover, the key advantages that tidal and hydropower has over for example wind and solar power are that very high water-to-electricity efficiencies can be reached and a high level of predictability of energy supply is encountered. In many cases, such as in run-of-river projects, a high and quite constant power delivery (comparable to a base load for energy supply) is guaranteed, raising the yearly energy production importantly.

On top of that, the unique design of the AquaScrew, creates the opportunity to combine green electricity production with a fish-friendly character and sustainable low-cost rotor, making electricity available and affordable for everyone.

T he Aquascrew technology has been under continuous development since 2011. From then on the technology has been under thorough research in order to provide a sustainable product for the production of green electricity.

Below an high-level view of the AquaScrew Roadmap Milestones:

AS RD Roadmap

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